You can get to White Wave by 4WD only.  Access to K’gari (Fraser Island) is via a vehicle barge from either Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach. If coming from Hervey Bay, you will travel across the island, via Central Station to Eurong. If you are coming from Rainbow Beach you simply head up the beach, or inland track depending on the tides, to Eurong.

From Eurong it’s simply a matter of driving up the Eastern beach to Indian Head, crossing over the back of Indian Head and continuing north to Middle Rock. From Middle Rock, there is an inland track that takes you all the way to Orchid Beach.

The red line on the map shows the different ways to get onto the island and how to get to Orchid Beach. Be careful when crossing over the back of Indian Head and the approach to Middle Rock, these can be a little tricky at times. Always ensure your tire pressures are set for the conditions.

Additional helpful details on how to get to White Wave Accommodation can be provided upon booking if required.

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